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‘3, 2, 1… Impro! Off The Wall’ ON NOW

OffTheWallHave you ever wanted to write something on a toilet wall but you didn’t have your Sharpie on you OR your handwriting is no good OR you didn’t want to commit a crime against property? Now is your chance to get all of those deep thoughts that have been piling up in your subconscious out. Not only that, Exploding Heads Impro will use them as inspiration for their completely made up short scenes and games.

We want to know who you heart “4 EVA” and where you want Tony Abbott to go. We may use your suggestion metaphorically. We may use your suggestion abstractly. We may spin your suggestion’s meaning on its axis. In a nutshell, we can’t do the show without you! We can’t do the show in a nutshell either as the five performers wouldn’t fit in the nutshell and our wonderful audience wouldn’t either. I digress… See you at the show!


When – every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 3rd – 17th April 2014 at 7:30pm

Where – The 86 – 185 Smith Street Fitzroy

How much – $10 per ticket

Bookings – or at the door

Who – This Tuesday 8th April see smiling regulars Corey, Neil, Joe and Caitlin with ultra special guest Nick Gardiol of Impro Melbourne and Impro Box fame!

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